A Perfect Guide For Choosing A Grow Tent

People have started to grow plants indoor or in the terrace. There is a need to maintain a constant temperature for the growth of the plants. Also, you need to protect your plants from extreme temperature. A 3×3 grow tent kit will be ideal for a normal sized garden. The grow tent is an excellent replacement for wooden and steel enclosures. It is much cheaper that the other materials used to protect your plants. There are several articles published on the site
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You can read the article below to know the various significant benefits of a grow tent. The article also focuses on the various factors to be considered before buying a grow tent for your garden space.

The Need Of A Grow Tent
A grow tent aids in providing an independent environment for your plants to grow. It also possible to provide options for extracting the hot air inside the grow tent. The extra component is called as stream outlet. It is also necessary to provide lighting so that you can maintain your plants even during nights. There are huge hanging bars arranged inside the grow tent. You can also offer a PVC coating to your tent. The coating helps to get rid of the harmful gases entering inside the tent. An oxide fabric is a good choice as it does not get damaged due to extreme temperatures.

Availability Of Different Sizes
There are different sizes of grow tent available in the market. The size depends on the size of the garden and the type of plants you’re growing. There is a need to offer your plant the required space so that it grows well. You need to choose the size of the grow tent such that it does not hinder the growth of your plants. The size of the tent is also based on the extraction level. The smallest tent is suitable to set up clone stations. You need to pick the tent of the right size that suits your garden.

Height Of The Grow Tent
You need to be careful while deciding on the height of the grow tent. The height of the grow tent impacts the amount of the lighting that enters the tent. The standard height of the grow tent is about 7 feet. There are tents with a required height that best suits for the growing vegetable plants. Short tents are used when you need to control the intensity of light entering.

Weight Limit
You need to consider the weight of the frame you use to set up a grow tent. The weight limit varies based on the size and the equipment fitted on it. You need to make use of extra bars to spread out the weight of the tent.

Thickness Of The Tent Canvas
The thickness of the tent is important as it decides the durability of the grow tent. The thickness of the tent needs to be considered when you move the grow tent to other places. A tent which is set up in an outdoor environment requires a thicker tent as compared to the tent used for indoor purposes.

These factors need to be considered before buying a grow tent.

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