A Practical Experience Review Of An Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard

Just like every other technological gadget made, electric skateboards have a list of pros and cons. Choose Boards talks about them in detail. For more Info on the advantages, an electronic board affords a person you can read endless articles. They will talk about speed, easy wireless control and distance covered. While each benefit has its value, people genuinely believe the worth of something when others review it. Therefore, we asked an experienced skateboard enthusiast to give a list of pros and cons based on use.

Over the course of one year, the advantages of an electric skateboard become more and more apparent:
a) An e-skateboard is way more portable than a bike, i.e., it is easy to transport it from one place to another without thinking much of the hassle.
b) An electric skateboard is exceptionally light which means it can be stored easily not only at home but also when using public transport. The small size of it makes it comfortable to hold while on a bus or walking.

With use, the negatives of an e-skateboard also come to the forth, especially when driven regularly. Each disadvantage is minute, therefore, easily surpassable.
a) You cannot lock an electric skateboard in a public place. There is no inbuilt mechanism for it.
b) If the ground clearance is low, it is easy to scratch the board or even cause minor damage. It should be noted that not many people find this an issue.
c) Without a doubt, the skateboard will get dirty after each drive which also happens with every other vehicle. So, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.
d) The deck of a skateboard, if made of wood, can break easily when it comes in contact with water. This is solvable by selecting an aluminum-based board or a CF one, though both of these are slightly more pocket heavy than wood.
e) If you opt for a longboard, then carrying them around the city can be tedious.

All in all, based on actual practical use a great electrical skateboard would be one that has all the following qualities:
• So lightweight that one can carry it around while walking, even for a long time.
• I must have a dual drive because the actual pleasure of a skateboard is in pushing it.
• The deck has to be waterproof.
• A cover that doesn’t get scratched or damaged easily.
• A hub motor driven board is better because it provides resistance to rolling and stealth setup.

For those wondering why a hub motor, it has certain advantages over a belt-driven motor:
a) It is silent
b) It can be made watertight.
c) When the battery is flat out, it gives resistance to rolling.
d) It has a higher top speed but lower torque for hill climbing.

With this honest review, we hope any person still oscillating over the decision of buying or not buying an electric skateboard can reach an answer. The last piece of advice is to give a trial drive to an e-skateboard before purchase and get a feel of it.

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