Benefits Of Straight-Arm Pulldowns

Straight-Arm Lat Pulldown

In general, all the pull-down exercises are primarily intended to stimulate and build the lat muscles. Most gyms have a cable pullover to perform the famous straight-arm pull downs which help to motivate the muscles to build a strong body, in particular on the back side. As indicated by, a lat pulldown machine offers several benefits when used professionally. Pulldowns can be done in two ways namely with the traditional pull down where the workout can be done in a sitting posture. On the other hand, the same workout can be done in a standing posture which is called straight arm lat pull down. Even though both the workouts are the same, they make the muscles to work in different angles.

One may not see more often the straight arm lat pulldown machine because this workout is not popular. Since the exercise is believed to be an isolation movement as one joint stays mobile during the period. Also, this exercise does not engage the biceps, but only allows the back muscles for an intense workout.

Benefits of straight arm pulldown

Performing this unique workout not only helps the user from strengthening the muscles but also make the user become strong and fit. As per medical experts, the primary muscle of our body is the Latissimus dorsi shortly known as lat, and this lat machine targets this muscle. By using the cable from this machine, one can strengthen the lat muscles in many ways. For those who are keen on building muscle mass and strength, the straight arm pulldown exercise seems to be the best option.

Build strength: Straight arm pulldown exercise operates on the rhomboid muscles situated on the upper back of our body. Overall, this workout helps in maintaining stability while building the lat muscles and stimulates the back portion. This results in activating the abdominal muscles and makes it stronger. It helps the back in preventing from hyper extending.

Help the synergist muscles: Since the lat is the largest muscle, this exercise works hand in hand with the other lat muscles that are interconnected. With this other muscles get a better support which is the real USP of this unique workout.

By performing the straight arm pulldown exercise, one is sure to build a strong and healthy body. While doing this workout, one has to focus on the lat muscle by a controlled motion. However, care should be taken while performing this exercise. Otherwise, it may lead tears or sprains in the muscles.

Here, one should know the fact that every exercise carries some amount of risk. Medical experts and other gym experts describe the impact of the exercises in terms of risk-benefit ratio. According to them, this ratio cannot be applied for all, as this metric varies from person to person and is determined by various other parameters and the body condition. In general, straight arm pulls down offers no risk when performed according to the instructions prescribed by the medical or gym experts. Hence, it is better to consult the expert before starting this workout.

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