How Not To Fall Prey To An Online Job Scam


Many people prefer remote jobs these days due to various reasons. Working from home is something everyone likes to explore, but the challenge lies in finding an online job which is real. Many scammers post ads like legit email processing jobs without investment in the same places as that of real jobs like online or newspapers. As per reports of, there are close to 70 scam jobs for every single real job making it difficult to differentiate between a real job and a fake one.
But with careful research and looking out for warning signs, you can easily spot the fake jobs and land yourself that dream remote job that you always wanted.

Read below to find out how to distinguish real from fake jobs

Research about the company
Once you start applying for jobs, there are many recruitment firms which will call you and try to sell the job to you. That does not necessarily mean it is a legit job. It is always good to research about the company, the recruiter and the job position being offered to you. There are many online resources through which you can not only find out about the company but also about the person who called you. If you do not find any online presence of the company or the hiring person who called you, it is best to back out of this job.

Go with your gut feeling
Most often you tend to ignore your gut feeling. Listen to your instinct to avoid getting trapped by scammers. You may be motivated to accept the offer and their terms and conditions, especially when you are desperately looking for a job. But by thinking objectively about the way the job was offered and the whole process conducted, you will be able to make the right decision. Do not feel stressed about rejecting a job if you think the recruiter is pushy other numerous options will come your way

Contact the company
When a hiring manager calls you for a potential job opening, look for signs of a scam. Check the if the email address of the company hiring you is from a personal account or is it from a company. Search online for the email address along with scam to find out if someone has already raised concerns regarding this company.
The hiring manager should disclose the name and address of the company you are interviewing for, if not it could be a warning of a scam. Contact the company to verify if the job exists, and the person calling you is an employee of that company.

Few other pointers to know if it is a scam

If they make a job offer immediately without enquiring about your experience, educational qualifications, references, etc.
If the job offers a compensation that is too much for the work you are being asked to perform
If asked for personal information or bank account details in the initial phase of interview
The job posting has spelling and grammar errors.
Asking for money to be invested
The email posted to you is from a personal id instead of company id.

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