How To Ensure A Dog’s Diaper Stays In Place?

Most dogs do not like any extra accessory on their bodies, and the same goes for something like a diaper. For some pet owners, it is a necessity the dog wears a diaper due to various reasons like incontinence, travel, occasional accidents, female dog in heat, etc. Though there are many options and types of diapers available for pet owners to choose, you can visit the brand Website’s WordPress. Apart from finding that you should for more info on how to get the perfect size of the diaper so that it fits comfortably on the dog.

Despite all the treats and the praises sometimes the canines want to get rid of the diaper, but if that does not suffice, then there are other ways to ensure that the diaper stays in place. Listed below are a few of them.

Suspenders: These suspenders can be attached to the diaper or the band, and the fit is same as that of a harness. The wrap is made of Velcro and buckles which you should use to tie it around the dog’s stomach. There are many types of suspenders available in the market, and a few of them can be used on the diaper itself which aids in securing the diaper properly. The cost of the suspenders varies between 15$ to 30$, and you get these in various shades so that you can match it with the other accessories the dog wears. It is usually an excellent choice for a puppy or a young dog which is full of energy and likes to jump around.

Onesies or underwear: These are for younger and smaller dogs. You can use a sleeved or unsleeved onesie of a on your dog. A hole has to be made on the onesie so that it can accommodate the dog’s tail. First, put the diaper on the dog and then you can secure the onesie at the back of your canine so that it holds the diaper securely.
Underwear can also be used to ensure that the diaper is securely in its place. A boy’s underwear suits this purpose well, but you take proper measurement of the dog’s waist, and they buy it. Also, like the onesie, you should make a hole in the underwear too so that there is an opening for the tail.

Belly band: It is mainly designed for male dogs and is a wrap made of very thick material. You should place the diaper so that it is secure in the band and then wrap it around the waist of your dog. Make sure that the diaper is in place but also catches pee that strays and hence used on male dogs rather than on bitches. Ensure that you change the diaper frequently else chances of it leaking are high. Also, care should be taken on the placement and be above the waist else you can expect urine to spray out of it. Ensure that you make a hole large enough for the dog to move its tail; else the diaper may slip off.

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